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The Weekly Dig - May 22 - 29, 2002

Crazy Transvestites, Junior High Punk Rock, Post-Apocalyptic Cabaret and One-Hit Wonders

by Saleos

The Dresden Dolls, a duet featuring Amanda Palmer on keys (you might know her as the bride of Harvard Square) and her partner in mime, Brian Viglione, on drums, have been executing quirky, cathartic cabaret-rock in galleries and clubs around town to extremely receptive audiences. Proving they are not just a pair of art-freaks making inaccessible noise, they’ve wowed crowds at dives like O’Brien’s and nearly sold-out the Middle East upstairs with their first club show. Amanda’s touching voice, clever and warm lyrics, and breathtaking piano playing—when combined with a low-cut dress and Brian’s Bonham-esque drumming—all make for one of the most unique and entertaining bands in town. Catch them at the Middle East downstairs on Tuesday, May 28, with King Missile III (that would indeed be the “Detachable Penis” band), a rage filled 14-year old by the name of Slick Pig, a seventh grade punk rock band called Ed in the Refrigerators, and Andrew McBride’s feminine alter ego Annie Luckless, singing about Buddhist vampires and scary Shriners—what else could you possibly need?