The Dresden Dolls

Hey Everyone

TUNE IN TONIGHT to The Dresden Dolls LIVE IN BOSTON NIGHT 2, performing "Yes, Virginia..." in its entirety. Log to watch at:
Show starts at 8pm EST and Dresden Dolls start at 9pm!! Rock!


As you've probably figured out by now, this is THE NEW AND SHINY RE-MODELED DRESDEN DOLLS SITE, just in time celebrate the tenth anniversary of the day Brian and I met. After living as a totally retro (yet beloved) site from 2003 with very few structural updates for the past 7 years, it's gone through a massive overhaul that will hopefully serve as a much prettier, modern-er & easier-to-navigate spot to get updated info and peruse the archive of the band's work. Truth be told, there's a LOT of cool stuff we're still working on, but there couldn't be a more perfect day to relaunch, and so here we are. And here you are. Hopefully you'll bear with us as we get the new video players fired up, and sort through years of photos for a facelifted "Gallery" section. Make sure you're following @DresdenDolls on Twitter, and we'll let you know as we roll out new content...there's a LOT of it. We actually started this site design back in 2007, and it sort of got swept under the rug until being recently resurrected as a labour of intense love by one Sean Francis (aka @indeciSEAN), who many of you know from Team Chaos as my personal man-behind-the-curtain of all things internetz. HOORAH for Sean, and thank you to Mike Grigg, who designed much of the beautiful artwork.

Tonight, we play New York City...and then on Tuesday and Wednesday we're doing TWO hometown throwdown gigs of punk-cabaret rock-love in Boston (a FULL ALBUM EACH NIGHT). From there, we're off to New Orleans, Atlanta, Lexington, St. Louis, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Austin, and San Francisco (for a New Year's Eve performance)! We hand-picked the openers for all of these shows, and those which haven't sold out are close to it, so wait no more: GET TICKETS & COME TO A SHOW.

Last but not least, as a thank you for TEN YEARS of support and love, we've put up our very first album - "A Is For Accident" - for FREE on Bandcamp. You can donate more if you so choose, but the most important thing is that you make sure you have it. And if you have it? Share it with friends.

See you so, so soon.
(and by proxy, from somewhere in NYC, I'm sure Bizzle Viglione is sending you his psychic love...)