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if you recognize your work and hve not been properly credited, please conact webmaster@dresdendolls.com

Melissa & Natalie

Shirel Alexandra Olja Joanna
Andrew R Sid Julie K Sarah G Nikki
Chase E Alexis S Olivia B Kristin
Victoria C Kelamina F
Rachel V Andrew K Bayla Alessandro James B
Bayla Annette Natalie Ash
Leslie D Victoria C Rebecca A Mark G Lukas
Jessie Jennie G Leah MyMy Sadie
Victoria C
Lenya Dylan (age 3) Blake Craig Jessica G
Katy, Page & Whitney Lenya Brody Dimitri

Glass Slipper

Jujubee Julie V Whitney R Stephanie D Joshlyn
Ale Brenda J Nikki Quintus David M
Rosie Leeza Cortney F Lillian achexofxshallot
Jennifer H Heather W Rachel H Whitney R Rock Love
David C
Patrick S Francesco Matthew B Frances Shirel
Paulina Katrina Charmaine Alessandro Sheri
Megan C Michelle E Casey Long Lori O Anthony D
Elliot Die Katie G Sheri
Ash Shawnee Kara
Jessica Patrick Addie Julie Peter
Heather Cara Casey Barnaby
Sofie J Alex M baracoodah Ivy
Leah Whaley Katrina Sarah Barczyk
Kelamina Fox name withheld Sophie Fred
Lily Nancy Rob Yee Lindsay Medea
Max Melton Nicole Murphy Sarah Rund Justin Heard
Cecily Steele Shannon Fitzgerald Mali Danielle Magowan Richard Maddocks
26 page book by Karlene - click images to view complete book
Anna Dennis Hart Shiloh B Becca
Kat Rebecca Maggie N Roman Thiel
Alex ONI Jamanda by Jake Flowers - click to view
Ace unknown unknown Maia Viglione Rob Yee
Kendra Lee Lisa Gordon Ryan Baker foks
Kitty Trash Vince Packard
Painted live during a show on 12/15/04 at The Zoo in Brisbane  
sketched live @ Madame JoJo's 09/04
Halloween Jack Jamie Eric Devlin
DearLiarLoveMe Lady Isha Andricongirl Sherri
Cara Julia Y Stalking Patches
aboriginalnurse unknown wazaloo
unknown unknown Melissa
Halloween contest submissions from October, 2003
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to submit work, please mail to:
The Dresden Dolls
c/o Madison House
4760 Walnut #106
Boulder, CO, 80301
or email scans or photos to: art@dresdendolls.com

Thanks for your submissions!
If you'd like to contribute some band-related artwork or
have been credited incorrectly please let us know